This is a weekly synopsis of my daily photographic experiences.

Towards the end of 2019 I decided that it was time for a fresh start on my work, so I decided to challenge myself to produce at least one quality photograph each day of the year. This blog will be an encapsulation of the experiences of the week. I’m not looking to create a ridged framework but rather a mechanism that will help me to focus my creative energies and see where they may lead.

Hopefully, there will be some of you that may want to follow along or better yet create your own challenge.

And so it begins. I will add the photos on my Home Page for the week and then start new with each new week.

Happy New Year and Stay Safe.


Saturday January 9

I plan on writing my blog on Saturday or Sunday to look back over the week. What a week it has been, the insanity that surrounds us needs to be countered with love and compassion.

For me, artful expression helps to connect with what we need.

This week saw little sun, New Years Day was clear and mild but until Friday the 8th the clouds dominated. So, I worked indoors with artificial light, something I do very little of. I enjoyed seeing what I could do with a single light and a reflector or two. The images ranged from table-top still-life to macro work. The detail in the Geranium is phenomenal!

I have to say that working in the studio is far more comfortable than working in nature, which allows for greater control. That being said, I do enjoy the rewards of meeting the challenges that nature has to offer.

I think it’s important to realize how one sees and interprets the world. Over the years the two aspects of the great world of photography that have fascinated me the most have been macro (close-up) and panorama. Panorama has only been available to me since the advent of digital stitching and I’m late to that game. Macro has been a favorite for many years. It’s great to finally be able to do both. We all see tele-photographically and then our mind assembles the multiple images together to create a wide angle view. I see panoramically even in macro, so now I’m looking at ways to do macro-panoramas. Should be interesting.

It was sunny this morning but the clouds have struck back!

One photo at a time will come down from the Home Page and be archived in 2021.

Stay Safe.

Saturday January 16

It’s been an interesting week weather-wise, mostly cloudy with a couple of sunny days.

My editing is so much better now with an upgrade to the computer and a new monitor. I’ve also added a new old lens that will be here next week that I picked up on eBay. It’s a 105mm bellows lens that will allow me to do the kind of macro work that I have always wanted to do. My newer macro lens is great but is limited to 1:1 magnification. The bellows set-up will allow for greater magnification.

Looking over my work of the past I find many avenues that I wish to further explore. Nature has always been the dominant theme but there are others that have been engaging; architecture, still-life, life style, journalism and environmental portraiture.

I’m taking advantage of the cold and less than inspiring weather to work on my portfolio and to get the juices flowing again. Spring will soon be here and I want to be one with camera so that it is not something that I have to think about and can concentrate on the image I wish to create. When I was first working professionally that was the way it was but when it’s a part time thing or there have been extended breaks from active shooting, it’s easy to get rusty.

Between working in other fields or currently working on the restoration of our home there has been plenty of ‘away’ time from the camera and that why I chose to undertake this challenge.

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