May 1

East Machias River

May 2

No words

May 3

Jasper Beach

May 4

Pond Geometry

May 5

Peace Lilly

May 6

The Woodcock says goodnight

May 7

Frost on the Raspberries

May 8

New Geranium leaf

May 9

East Machias River

May 10

Jasper Beach

May 11

Sweet Cherry blossoms

May 12

Shad Bush

Amelanchier canadensis

May 13

Tulip time

May 14

Sugar Maple

May 15

Apple Blossom

May 16

Machiasport Spring

May 17

Rhodora at Fox Pond

May 18

Cyclamen bud

May 19

New burn blueberries and forest beyond

May 20

Rebuilding Cornice and Return

May 21

Red Oak

May 22

Apple Petal Fall

May 23

Bergamot Bud

May 24

East Machias River Estuary

May 25


May 26

Down to the river for a drink

May 27

Tree Swallow on the nest

May 28

Can you spot the eagle?

May 29

Lupine are blooming

May 30

Home made compost

May 31


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