April 1

Weeping Wall

East Machias

April 2

Beauty in a ditch

April 3

White pine snag

Moosehorn NWR

April 4

A slice of the Bad Little Falls


April 5

Part of a simple substation

April 6


April 7


April 8

Low Tide

Jasper Beach

April 9

Speckled Alder Catkin

April 10

Machias River and Clouds

April 11

Low Tide

Bucks Harbor

April 12

Birthday cactus

April 13

River/Tidal Mix

April 14

Daffodil Radiance

April 15

The Rim

Site of Fort Foster 1775-1777

April 16

Pussy Willow

April 16

Future excavation contractor

April 17

Spring in Maine

April 18

Rising Tide

April 19


April 20


April 20


April 21

Low Tide

Machias River

April 22

Snow Squall

Howard Cove

April 23

Fresh Chives

April 24

Driftwood revisited

April 25

Anita planting peas

April 26

Synchronous fireflies in the OFF position

April 27

Red Maple in Bloom

April 28

A store of warmth

April 29

Spring Green

April 30

Forest edge

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